is a night of storytellers sharing the shades of vulnerability that drive, compel, & madden us // a soulful mixed-media variety show // a jam session of artists, at their most unbound and alive // an illumination, or shattering, of identities // a pop-up art gallery that’s also a party // an unleashing of generosity, ingenuity, irreverence, & compassion

Yo some people you know from college made a theatre company and they’re hosting a variety show. Wait. That’s mad boring. New performers doing experimental comedy? That sounds kinda boring too. Are you still reading? You’re a good person.
THE FUN SHOW is a mixtape of comedy, music, characters, food, marijuana and adult beverages. The Fun Show is all about freeing the nipple. 
The Fun Show is that one night stand you had last month that made you feel so dirty, and yet satisfied some of your deepest fantasies. 
The Fun Show understands that it couldn’t possibly grab someone by the pussy, because The Fun Show knows that the pussy grabs you.

Photos by Savannah Jones

Welcome to the first workshop production of Colby Day's Everything Flashes, directed by Stefanie Abel and performed in a Soho loft for an intimate, interactive experience. Everything Flashes is an exploration of memory and the way moments change in meaning over time.

Jousting On My Own features the work of five emerging artists in brand new self-scripted pieces. Ranging from music to storytelling to drunk sorority girls, this show strips away everything to communicate in a distilled form: a person, a stage, and words. Come join us as we tell our stories and maybe learn a thing or two-- one at a time, of course.

Summer is here, and what better way to celebrate the solstice than by sitting under the stars, sipping on a drink, and enjoying some amazing short films with friends? Join us at Chooklyn Farms as we drink, laugh, and celebrate some new work from our extended community!

Remember in sixth grade when your Sex Ed teacher, Mrs. McFaun, told you that masturbation was a beautiful, natural, thing, provided you with all the tools you needed to make informed decisions about your sex life, and passed out free ribbed condoms and vibrating eggs? Yeah....NEITHER DO WE! Come join the Joust Theatre Company and friends as we take back our sex education from the repressive, shameful hands of abstinence-obsessed, disease-fearing, awkward old gym teachers. Bring us your worst stories, your burning, unanswered questions, (maybe your triumphs if you're one of those unicorns who felt well served by high school Sex Ed) and we'll share ours with you in a variety show that's as educational as it is sexy!

In conjunction with The RADD Festival 2016, The Joust Theatre Company presents an evening of short science fiction plays that explore the rapid development of technology and the impact it has on the world around us. 

Ever wanted a night full of women making jokes? US TOO. Join us for a night where seven funny, talented, smart, and (more important to society) attractive ladies are coming together to make YOU laugh. Will it just be a night of talking about gross girl stuff? NO! We are pushing boundaries and talking about just regular stuff too because why does it always have to be about gender?! So come one, come all to this very special night of ladies talking about being humans. 

'February EXTENDED!' leaps from original songs to stand up all revolving around that one day, every four years when the world is graced with an extra day. LEAP YEAR! Some believe it's an unlucky day, we believe it's another excuse to party.

A comedic variety show that will tickle your inner child and tackle your outer adult. With sketches, songs, improv, and more, what more could you ask for?