Thank you for supporting a year of Joust workshops.

We have framed our artistic practice around a ferocious faith in young people’s ability to bring compelling stories to the stage, and we are so grateful for people like you who identify with our mission.

Looking back on 2017, The Joust Theatre Company celebrates a major milestone: bringing to life our inaugural Literary Series: An Examination of Identity. At the beginning of this year four playwrights were selected to receive developmental workshops of their proposed plays, culminating in public staged readings. This initiative was aimed at developing their works in a unique theatrical structure where physical language and select design elements were prioritized.

In 2018, we are again focusing our attention on fostering new playwrights with ourWriters Round Table: a developmental playwriting group. We are in the process of selecting playwrights to join us in a 6-month developmental lab to exchange ideas and develop their plays, culminating in 2 produced by The Joust, to be presented in repertory with another workshop.

We ask for your contribution in support of our company advancing to the next level of artistic and institutional development. Help us meet our goal of $2,500by January 1, 2018 and know that your gift will be used in pursuit of new artistic work that is relevant, sensitive, and fearless. 

You are able to make a fully tax deductible gift online at
 which will lead you to our Fractured Atlas page. 

Thank you for sharing your fierce belief in young artistic voices with us.
We are looking forwards to the next year with great excitement. En garde, 2018!