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En garde!

In the face of America’s fraught political climate, The Joust Theatre Company (founded in 2014) is primed to fight adversity through the story-telling skills we have cultivated over the last 4 years. We believe that the works of diverse emerging playwrights must be advocated for, and have framed our artistic practice around the principles of inclusion and a ferocious faith in young people’s ability to bring compelling stories to the stage.

2018 marks our inaugural Writers’ Round Table - a new initiative aimed at developing the works of 4 playwrights whose plays we felt were in line with the mission of our company. At the start of 2018, these playwrights were selected to receive developmental workshops of their proposed plays, culminating in 2 staged public readings both showcasing 2 plays in repertory. Throughout the course of the year, all four playwrights meet with new pages, ideas, thoughts and feedback to collaborate with one another. What makes this process unique to other writers groups is that there is a huge emphasis on collaborating which results in each writer being as involved in the creative process of the other three plays as much as their own. This whole process strives to help these plays achieve their goal of being relevant, sensitive, pieces of theatre that attempt to challenge societal norms and invoke a call to action for all audience members.

On an institutional level, the next step in our growth as a company calls for consolidation as a 501(c)3 nonprofit so that we can apply for grants, work with our newly constituted Board of Directors, and attain a level of legitimacy allowing us to more effectively interface with established non-profit organizations. We are in the middle of the application process, and will be filing for approval by August 2018. In the meantime, we are a member of Fractured Atlas's fiscal sponsorship program, and have created our own LLC until our non-profit status can be fully verified.

In addition to these initiatives, we will be hosting our first ever Gala Cabaret in September 2018 to expand our fundraising platform, and celebrate the hard work of our Company Members and affiliated artists.

We ask for your contribution in support of our company advancing to the next level of artistic and institutional development. Now is the time to become an invaluable member of our family.

Thank you for sharing your fierce belief in young artistic voices with us,


How will your contribution make an impact?

Our goal may seem a little lofty but nearly two-thirds of it will be going directly back into creating exciting new, contemporary theater for you!

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Raise the Round Table Goal Distribution

We want to pay our artists

We’re working to give back to artists and support the work they create for us, so we’re working with production budgets prioritizing paying Artist Fees

Writer's Round Table Spending Breakdown

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