I Was Unbecoming Then

Written by Lyndsey Bourne, Music by Sam Kaseta, and Directed by Ilana Khanin

Some Pictures of the Floating World

Written by Matt Minnicino and Directed by Ilana Khanin


Written by Gina Femia and Directed by Taylor Reynolds

Book of Esther

Written by Gina Stevensen and Directed by Lauren Z. Adleman


What Women and Their Bodies Represent to America

Written by Clinnesha Dillon Sibley and Directed by Mayde Alpié


The Tragical Historie of Maximilien Robespierre

Written by Jacob Marx Rice and Directed by Ilana Khanin

q u e r e n c i a:

An imagined autobiography about forbidden fruit

Written by Benjamin Benne and Directed by Maydé Alpi

The Monthly Joust

January- December 2016

The Monthly Joust is a one-night-only show performed on the last Monday of each month featuring original works by The Joust and friends.

Assistance by Leslye Headland

Directed by Maydé Alpi

Promotional Photos by: Emilio M.K. Visual Media & Performance Photos by: Lloyd Mulvey

The Rules by Dipika Guha

Directed by Cynthia Silver

Photos by: Grace Yang

Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman

Directed by Arsalan Akhavan

Photos by: Joanne Bouknight